While teaching, we often find ourselves having conversations about our favorite music and bands. This conversation somehow always generates a mention of The Beatles. So many of our students do not know anything about this band. If you desire to be good at music, you should really have a familiarity with The Beatles. So today, in the spirit of Christmas, I am offering up my own little tutorial on this great and revolutionary group of musicians. 

To properly educate yourself on The Beatles, you should listen to their music historically. Start with the early years and work your way forward through their career. Unlike most bands, their music evolved quickly and it is very easy to hear this change. 

The Early Years 

The Beatles spent their formative years in Germany playing cover songs everyday in the clubs of Hamburg. This is where they learned to play, individually and as a group. Their early recordings feature cover songs like “Please, Mr. Postman,” Till There Was You,” and “Twist an...

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