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Both in-person or online!


The guitar instructors at HGS Music can teach a wide variety of guitar styles. Each teacher has a style (or two or three) that they specialize in. From rock to jazz to country, folk to blues and pop, our teachers can help you reach your goals. It always starts with the basics but we quickly move toward the style that you want to play. 

Everyone learns notation, chords, tablature, scales, and songs. Our short term goal is to get our students up and playing as quickly as possible. The long term goal is to help foster excellent guitarists who understand music.

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Bass players function as the foundation for any band. Our bass instructors teach the fundamentals of reading bass clef, understanding rhythm, dynamics, and chord to scale relationships. We teach the different picking techniques, as well as slap and pop. Our instructors work with 4 string, 5 string, as well as 6 string bass.

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At HGS Music, our teachers start piano and keyboard students using time-tested, traditional methods. Reading notes, learning fingerings and counting are essential skills that all of our students acquire. Our entire staff is willing and able to teach everything from classical to jazz to modern pop, giving students the option to explore all types of music.

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Everyone loves to sing! Let our instructors help you get the most out of your voice. At HGS Music, we teach our voice students breathing techniques, how to sing and use scales, as well as their favorite songs. We use many different exercises to help you develop and control the vocal muscles, as well maintaining your vocal health. All of this and more in a low pressure, stress-free environment.

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Our drum students get to learn on a real drum set! Students start by learning basic rhythms on a snare drum and quickly progress into learning how to play the full drum kit. Our instructors teach all styles of music and often will accompany the drum students. Straight rhythms and syncopation are taught to all students.

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The violin is often compared to the beauty of the human voice through its tone and the emotion it conveys. It is a very popular instrument extending from the traditional symphonic orchestra to contemporary rock bands. At HGS Music, our teachers use traditional methods to teach students proper bow and finger techniques. As students progress, they are offered the opportunity to play in many styles including classical, jazz, fiddle, and contemporary.

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It’s all the rage these days! Recently made even cooler by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and movie star Zooey Deschanel, the ukulele is a great instrument for kids and adults. Ukulele students will learn tablature, chords and songs for this “pick up and go” 4 string music maker.

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