'Rock & Roll For The Tiny Soul'
-A baby/toddler music class! 

This is a MIXED AGES CLASS - from 1 to 4 years - to be taken with a parent, grandparent, guardian, or caregiver. This is a great introduction to music for you and your child. This is also a great opportunity for your littles to interact with other children their age! The class will focus on singing, rhythm, memorization and simple instrument play with rhythm sticks, maracas and shakers. We will also have tons of movement, bouncy balls, bubbles, and parachute time! This class runs 45 minutes.

1 parent per child, if possible.

$130 total for 1 child | $230 total for 2 children.

New SUMMER of 2022 6 Week Session:


Highland Location | TUESDAYS JUNE 21st - AUGUST 2nd (NO CLASS ON 7/5) w/ Miss Jodi | 10am

Highland Location |SATURDAYS JUNE 11th - JULY 23rd (off on Sat. 7/16) w/Miss Caitlin | 9:30am 

Crown Point Location | THURSDAYS JUNE 9th - JULY 14th w/Miss Caitlin | 10am

To register for our HIGHLAND location, please call 219-923-9210

To register for our CROWN POINT location, please call 219-310-8864

Email us at info@hgsmusic.net for more information!  Or call to register today!