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  • Victoria Fane, Manager: Crown Point

A Great Recital

Thank you to everyone for coming to and supporting our Crown Point Student Recital this past Sunday. Everything about the day was perfect and it was a great show by our students and teachers! I love our recitals because they really show off everything that I love about HGS: our great camaraderie, our great love of music, and our fun! It may sound cheesy, but days like Sunday, full of love and music, reaffirm for me everything that HGS stands for. So let me say again a big THANK YOU to all the family and friends who attended, all the students who worked and practiced so hard preparing to perform, all the teachers who sat right there with their students to help them shine, and all the staff who made the behind the scenes of the recital run extra smoothly and hiccup-free! I could not be prouder of every single person I saw that day. What a perfect start to the summer!
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