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Keeping you posted...

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is what we have learned during the quarantine. Predicting the future doesn’t work. Everything changes every day!

We wanted to reopen our studio doors by June 1st, however we feel that it is not prudent or safe to reopen just yet.

DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU! Please know that we are not sitting still on this. As a staff, we are continuing to figure out the best way to operate in our unique teaching environment.

Online lessons are working. The education is still excellent, but we miss playing music together, face to face. (Though I think we could all agree it's pretty fun to take lessons in your pajamas!)

Many of you are anxious to get back into the building while many of you want to stay online. We plan to accommodate both. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to piece together this unusual puzzle.

We appreciate your patience. Celebrating the joy of music is always our number one goal, but the safety and well being of our staff and all of you is and always has been essential. Your support means the world to us.

Be safe and we will be in touch soon.

-All of the staff at HGS Music

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